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Children Course

Chang Jing Jiang classHave a foundation

Chang Jing Jiang class is good for student who has a foundation The course is designed for students with strong learning ability and sufficient study time. The basic course is supplemented with textbooks and mind maps for each subject. Through the class adviser and knowledge question-answer sharing platform to solve the important and difficult points in the process of study and preparation. After class, through homework to deepen the mastery of knowledge points, aimed at helping students to pass the exam successfully.

Vip Wu You classstart from zero

Vip Wu You class is good for no basic students Mainly for the non-related professional students whose would like to change careers, seek more working position ,then choose Vip Wu You class, in which the classic case analysis, pre-test simulation test allows students to understand their own learning situation, besides, the class is supplemented by a block-type curriculum arrangement system, so that teaching is more scientifically focused, learning to link and advance, in order to protect the learning effect of each subject to improve at the same time, both stronger guidance meaning.

Shuang Shi Hu Hang classstart from zero

Shuang Shi Hu Hang class is good for no basic students The newly launched high-quality high-end classes are mainly focused on overcoming the barriers to learning that occur during the preparation process, such as no enough learning time, weak learning ability, lack of direction, and difficulty in perseverance. We aim to re-structure the content of the textbook and follow the latest examination trends through a customized intensive training course with master teachers. And based on the comparative study of the relationship between each subject, the structured combing of knowledge points is carried out with a learning logic more suitable for zero-based students.

Curriculum System

  • Chang Jing Jiang ban
  • Vip wuyouban
  • Double-division flight

Youth / adult courses


The whole system is divided into three stages, and [Basic Intensive Lecture] is the setting of four subjects: Modern Chinese, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Chinese Culture, and Intercultural Communication, which are aimed at students with zero foundation. [Special lecture and practice] Students can practice and imitate according to what the teacher said, and help students how to successfully pass the exam. [Summary and carding of knowledge points of various subjects] Divide knowledge points according to the important and difficult points and error-prone points of various subjects and present them to students through mind mapping.

Curriculum system

Curriculum system

Teacher introduction

Dong Yan

He has worked in the International Cultural Education College of a well-known university in China, and has more than 10 years' experience in front-line teaching of classroom management for international students.
The teaching course involves international oral Chinese HSK special tutoring.

Wei Li

He is the director of the International Chinese Teaching and Research Section of Guilin Institute of Aerospace Technology, and has more than ten years of rich experience in international Chinese education.
Main courses: oral Chinese HSK instruction, etc.

Li Jianyong

He served as a public teacher of Hanban to Confucius Institute in Indonesia.
During his teaching period, he served as the head of the Chinese teacher discipline in the Confucius Institute, and served as the examiner of the International Chinese Teacher Certificate Examination for many times.

Graduated from Renmin University of China.

He worked as a Chinese teacher at Confucius Institute, Dublin University, Ireland. Compilation of Irish native textbook "short course 2"

Tan Xuelin

He worked as a Chinese teacher in Thailand and South Korea.
He has won the title of "Excellent Teacher" many times, has rich experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and is humorous in class.



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